My name is Jesse Ortiz aka The Beer Explorer. I am from San Diego but am currently living in Eugene, OR.

My goal is to make the best resource for beer lovers to explore new breweries in a first person viewing experience and get up to date information on what’s going on in the beer world. The purpose is to streamline the important things people want to know and make it simple to use. Most beer websites mostly contain articles/blog posts and were lacking the tools I needed to continue exploring. So I decided to take this on and make a website that cuts to the chase and lets you know what’s important.


How to use the website:

  1. Use the brewery map, click on desired region, see all the breweries in that area.
  2. Click on the brewery to see their hours, website, phone number, pictures, videos, and leave reviews.
  3. You can use Jesse’s List if you would like to see what I rate a specific beer or the beer at that brewery.
  4. Check back to see my beer of the week, brewery of the month posts, and featured events.
  5. Use the event calendar for upcoming events.
  6. Follow me on social media to see the newest beer related info/events/news.


(email me if you have any info on new openings/closings of breweries/tastings room so this can be as up to date as possible. Or if you have any other questions/inquiries.)


  1. New brewery open.

    Garphish Brewing Company, Bethel MN

    6 beers on tap at open:

    Hapjazardly Jalapeno Kolsch
    Bethel Blonde
    Long Lake IPA
    5-7-5 Apricot Wheat
    Motor Tiller Mild (English mild)
    bOatlaunch Stout

  2. Chew

    I heard The Beer Explorers Guide is collaborating with a San Diego Brewery and Local Home-brewer to create The Beer Explorers Guide very own IPA Brew to be released for the first time in early September? I am looking forward to seeing how it turned out!

  3. We have been open again since December of 2017, Thursday through Saturday 3:00pm to 7:00pm. When we finish our remodel, about July 2019 and the Distillery opens next door in the same building we will expand hours further.

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