*The Austin beer scene booming and if you are visiting for whatever reason you should check it out. You probably won’t be able to make it to all of them so I’ll make it easy for you. This is based off of 2018!


Best Brewery:

Pinthouse Pizza Brewpub – They now have 3 locations and that is awesome for everyone in the Austin area. I love this place. They are always coming out with new beers of varying styles almost every week and always very tasty. On top of that the pizza is amazing and the facilities are on point. Beer, pizza, and sports. ’nuff said.

Pinthouse (Lamar), Pinthouse (Burnet), Pinthouse (Round Rock)



Best New Breweries:

Vista Brewing – This brewery out in the hill country is already one of the best breweries in the area. I can’t say I have had a beer there that I didn’t like. Pair that with beautiful scenery and you get an an awesome day trip!

Oddwood Ales – Located in east Austin this place is already in my top 10. The facility is a fun spot to hang and the fact they have nintendo 64 competitions/video games will make anyone that grew up in that era happy. They are already making top notch beer and they aren’t even a year old. Good vibes, good beer, pizza, and video games is all I need to hear. If you haven’t been your missing out.

Best Beer Bar

Bangers – Variety is the key to my heart and with around 200 taps you can’t go wrong. Pair  that with the fun of Rainey St. and this is always one of my stops when in the area. The selection is mind blowing and not mention your gonna want some good food while on Rainey. Both boxes are checked with this spot!!!

Top 10 Breweries (in Austin- no specific order)

  1. ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewing)

2. Austin BeerWorks

3. Celis Brewery

4. Hops & Grain Brewing

5. Lazarus Brewing Company

6. St. Elmo Brewing Co.

7. Southern Heights Brewing Co.

8. Oddwood Ales

9. (512) Brewing Company

10. Pinthouse Pizza Brewpub

Top Tasting Rooms (Austin- no specific order)

  1. Oskar Blues Brewery (ATX)

2. The Brewtorium Brewery

3. Lazarus Brewing Company

4. The Brewer’s Table

5. ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewing)

6. Austin BeerWorks

7.  Celis Brewery

8. Uncle Billy’s Brewery

9. Live Oak Brewing Company

10. NxNW Brewery

(Updated: N-land Brewing out, Live Oak Brewing in!)

West of Austin (20-30mins)

Best Brewery – Jester King Brewery

  • One of my favorite breweries especially if you are looking for sours, saisons, and really anything else they decide to brew. In my opion some of the best beer in the country! Plus getting to enjoy the day at their awesome tasting room in hill country always make for a good time.


Best Tasting RoomOasis Texas Brewing Company

  • This brewery has one of the coolest views from their tasting room of any place I have been to. Whenever I have visitors this is always on my list of places to visits. Best view in town, with tasty beers on a sunny day, will be sure to impress anyone who visits.

North of Austin (20-30mins)

Best BreweryRed Horn Brewing Co.

  • This part beer spot and part coffee spot has a little bit of something for everyone. They have have big tap list with good variety! Their IPAs and stouts are my go-to. Definitely more of a laid back vibe if that’s what you’re looking for, but either way you need to check it out.

Best Tasting RoomWhitestone Brewery

  • I have been here on a couple occasions now and there is always a lot of people having a good time. The tasting room is perfect to grab a beer and watch a game with some friends. They also have a good variety so there is something for everyone.

Honorable Mention Rentsch Brewery

  • If you are a little farther north this spot would be my go to every time. The tasting room is awesome and so is the beer. Had a great time when I was there and definitely checks all the boxes for a good brewery trip.

South of Austin (San Marcos, New Braunfels)

Best Brewery5 Stones Artisan Brewery

  • Down in New Braunfels this tasting room has an awesome outdoor space to pair with its beers. They have great variety and every beer I had was very tasty. If you happen to be in the area you have to check this place out!

Best Tasting RoomAquaBrew

  • Right in downtown San Marcos this place has an awesome indoor area but also has a sweet outdoor space. Whether its a nice day or you’re hanging out at night this place offers the best of both for visitors to this brewery. And not to forget they are also serving up some tasty brews to add to the fun.

Honorable Mention

New Braunfels Brewing Company (Sours)

  • A smaller spot in downtown New Braunfels if you are looking for sours south of Austin this is where you find them. They had some interesting takes on the style and was very impressed with everything I tasted. Also a good place to get your beer nerd on with their knowledgeable bartenders.

Guadalupe Brewing Company (Stouts)

  • The tasting room is pretty sweet, so on a nice late afternoon this is a great place for a beer outside. The peanut butter and s’more stout are exactly what you want taste when you see those names on their tap list. They have a good selection of other varieties as well but these were my favorite stouts of the year.


Beers of the year (2018)

Best IPA:

Lazarus Brewing Company – 40 days & 40 nights

Pinthouse Pizza Brewpub – Bailing Room

Southern Heights Brewing Co. – Evergreen Terrace

Best DIPA:

Oddwood Ales/ Adelbert’s Brewery – Just Hunks

Southern Heights Brewing Co. – Alpha Beta Licious

Best Sours:

Jester King Brewery – 2017 Spon Blend 3

Jester King Brewery – Biere De Blanc Du Bois

Jester King Brewery – Nocturn Chrysalis

Best Hefeweizen:

Live Oak Brewing Company – Hefeweizen

Best Kolsch:

Vista Brewing – Adair

Best BA Stout:

Austin Beerworks – Sputnik

Best Gin BA Table Beer:

Jester King Brewery – Soul Conduit

Best Pilsner:

ABGB – Rocket 100

Best Brut IPA:

Austin Beerworks – Brut Reynolds

Lazarus Brewing Company/Pinthouse Pizza Brewpub – Napoleon Complex

St. Elmo Brewing Co. – Champ

Best: Hazy IPA:

Pinthouse Pizza Brewpub: Electric Jellyfish

Best Stout:

Guadalupe Brewing Company – S’more Bitter Stout W/marshmallow

Guadalupe Brewing Company – Peanut Butter Stout

Best Euro-Lager:

The Brewer’s Table –  Transatlantic Flourish

Best Saison:

Jester King Brewery – Deimos’ Companion

Jester King Brewery – Figlet (4)

Jester King Brewery/ The Kernel Brewery – Colonel Toby

Jester King Brewery/La Sirene Brewing – Song of Binding

Lazarus Brewing – East of Eden

Oddwood Ales – Atonal Batch #2

Vista Brewing – Le Saison

Best Pale Ale:

Oddwood Ales – Nite Boys

Best Belgian Strong Golden:

Lazarus Brewing – Amandus

Best Shwarzbier:

Vista Brewing – Shwarzbier

Best Brett Beer:

(512) Brewing Company: Owen’s Brett Beer

Best Other:

Orf Brewing: Oocheenama



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