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Jesse’s List
Rating What you say… Explanation
Good+ “Holy sh** that’s bomb!” Tastes amazing. No negative characteristics. Drink as many as I possibly can.
Good “Damn… That’s good!” No negative characteristics. Not quite a good+ but a really good beer. Drink 2+ or am staying with this the whole time because there is nothing else better/new to try.
Good- “It’s pretty good.” A pretty good beer but some minor things knock it down. Drink 1-2 max then I’m trying something else.
Ok+ “Hmm… not bad.” Not mad I ordered it and I’ll finish the pint but I am not going to order another and would rather try my chances with something else. This rating could accompany a style I don’t like, but you might say is good.
Ok “It’s ok I guess.” Probably where I would put a coors/bud. I would never order this. It did not taste good/did not taste like anything.
Ok- “That’s just gross” Does not taste good.